缓解 压力的英语对话,缓解 压力的英文对话

简介:关于一些缓解压力的英语对话和缓解压力的英文对话的问题,很多人都是想知道的,接下来小编为你讲解一下吧! 本文纲发 : 1、怎么样 用英语讲明 缓解 压力 2、你 怎么样 减压? 英语做 文 带翻译 3、求关于 压力的英语情形 对话? 4、关于 缓解 压力的英语句子?求急, 5、关于 STRESS的 2-5...


本文纲发 :

怎么样 用英语讲明 缓解 压力

缓解 压力

coping with stress;relieve the pressure

How to relieve pressure? 怎样 缓解 压力?

Climbing mountains, Taking breaks, travelling, singing, running, etc each person has his own way to relax and to relieve the pressure.

爬山 ,睡觉,游览 ,歌唱 , 跑步 等等 ,每一 一位 人都有自己 的办法 去放松 来缓解 压力。。

你 怎么样 减压? 英语做 文 带翻译

In modern society, pressure isubiquitous. As students, we have to endure the pressure from examination, fromhomework and from our parents’ expectations.As workers, people are faced with the pressure fromdeadline, from difficulties and from finance and so on. Here I would like togive some suggestions about relieving pressure.

在当代 社-会 中,压力无处不在。做 为學生 ,咋们 必须 要 忍受 来源 审核 、作业 的压力和 父母 的希望 。做 为工人,要面临 来源 限期 、难题 、款项 等的压力。在这里我想提一些关于 缓解 压力的建议 。

First of all, to confide to others is anefficient way for relieving pressure. When we feel so anxious and worried thatwe cannot continue to work or study, go to talk with our friends or familymembers and we will get some relief and feel better. Second, to do someexercises is another way to relieve pressure. If we are under pressure for along time, doing some exercises can make us refreshed and regain power tocontinue our task. Finally, another common way for women to relieve pressure isto cry. The effect of crying is the similar as the effect of confiding toothers. After crying, we would find that we are relaxed and then we have spiritto fight against difficulties again.

一最先 的时刻 ,向他人 倾述是缓解 压力的有用 途径 。当咋们 感觉 十分 焦灼 和担忧 而无法 连续 工做 或者 学习 的时刻 ,去和同伴 或者 者 亲属 聊闲聊 ,咋们 会获得 一些抚慰 而且 感受 更好。第二,行-动 是另一 种减压办法 。如果 长时刻 处于压力下,做 点磨炼 能够 给咋们 充电并恢复 精神 来工做 。最终 ,为女人 缓解 压力的另一 种罕见 的办法 是流泪 。流泪 的结局 跟向他人 倾述的结局 是相似 的。哭过以后 ,咋们 会感觉 放松 ,以后 就会有精神 再去反抗 难题 。

In a word, there are many ways to relieveour pressure. But the most important point is that if we cannot solve theproblem at once, we need to call off our attention from the pressure we arefaced with to other things. Only in this way we would not be entangled with thepressure for a long time.

总之,有许多 办法 都能够 用来减压。但最主要 的一点是,如果 咋们 不行 以 马上 处置 疑问 ,咋们 要把咋们 的注重 力转移到别的 事情 上。惟有 这样 ,咋们 才不会长时刻 和压力纠纷 。

求关于 压力的英语情形 对话?

不知道 你 要什么 困难 的?我这有一篇BEC高级 书面语 的题目 压力治理 你 地址 的部门 ,部-分 职员 最近 几天 心情 降低 ,工做 结局 不高,部门 经-理 对此十分 体贴 。请就怎么样 改善 该局势 给出建议 。并讨论 :1.职员 为什么 工做 结局 着落 2.怎么样 帮-助 职员 缓解 压力 A : You see, some colleagues are not as active and efficent in their job as usual and few made progress in their business in the passing months. 一些职员 不像平时 那样有用 努力 的工做 了,以前 的几月有无 人有猛进 展。B: This is a situation that has to be improved. First of all, we should find out reasons behing this, especially work-related stressors 这即是 咋们 要处置 的疑问 。一最先 的时刻 咋们 应该 觉察 这这个 内里 的本 因,希奇 是和工做 有关 的。A: As far as i konw , personnality changes among co-workers seem to be responsible. we"d better orginse social activities, such as baskerball match, then colleagues can learn to helo and cooperate with one another.就我所知,职员 的性情 颠簸 是罪魁 罪魁 。咋们 最好 组织些社-会 行-动 。好比 篮球竞赛 。这样 职员 就能够 在这个 内里 发 会 到相互 合做 和帮-助 。B: That would be a good idea. Work setting can creat physical and mental stress too. The office is a bit over-crowded and workers here just can not enjoy privacy. we should think of moving to offices big and cozy enough.这个 办法 不错。工做 表会组成 心理 和心思 的松 张。咋们 的办公室也太挤了。职员 有无 隐秘 。咋们 应该 思考 帮到更大更恬静 的场所 。A: So many colleagues became passive on their work. Leadership style can not be ingored. The manger should communicate with his or her staff about the leadership style through questionnaire to find out problems timely adjust the polices related.许多 同事 在工做 中很失望 。这和发 导办法 有本 因。经应当 该 通过 视察 问卷来和职员 交流 ,觉察 疑问 并实时 的调治 相关 政策。B: Talking about this reminds me of a popular saying- in a well-managed company, on one sholud feel that he has to burn himself out.说到这让我想起了一句名言 在一位 会治理 的公司,有无 人要累死累活。 就这么多吧。我是节选的,自己 修正 了。有语法过错 什么 的你 自己 看着办吧。预计 你 是拿来大-学 英语期末审核 用吧?

关于 缓解 压力的英语句子?求急,

Talk to our parents,and we will relieve our pressure 通过 同父母 调换 能够 缓解 咋们 的鸭梨

out of pressure 由于 鸭梨

reduce the pressure from study and pay attention to keep ample nutrition 减少 学习 压力并注重 维持 足够 的营养

关于 STRESS的 2-5分钟英语对话

Mother: Are you ready for the exams? They are the day after tomorrow, aren't they.

Son: Yes they are. And we've got so much homework! I'm really stressed out. I've a headache because of it.

Mother: Really? Well, two days yet and it's over. Who doesn't work hard these days? Everybody wants to get good grades.

Son: That's true. A lot of my classmates are ill now because of the stress and the pressure.

Mother: Oh really? I'm sorry to hear that.

Son: Yes, and I feel like I'm ill, too.

Mother: Look after yourself these days. If you become ill now, maybe you can't have the exams. That would be a pity, because you have worked so hard for it. Isn't it?

Son: Yes, you're right. But I'm really feeling not well.

Mother. Two days yet. Then the exams are over and you can have a good rest at home.

Son: Can I go out with my friends then?

Mother: Well... If you did good in the exams, you can.

Son: OK.

我自己 编的,我知道 这很应该 不太吻合 你 的乞求 但我尽心尽力 了。

缓解 压力英语缓解 压力的英文是什么

1、reducepressure:减少 压力

2、durelievestress:缓解 压力

3、alleviateone'spressure:缓解 压力

4、ea搜索引擎优化 ne'spressure:减少 压力

5、mitigateone'spressure:缓解 压力



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